Friday, November 8, 2013

Hey, it's my Birthday!!!!

Hello Friends!

Today is my Birthday! And it's a busy one...homemade waffles this morning...beautiful drawings from my favorite five year old, Mr. M.....calls from friends...even SNOW! Oh and you all know how I love snow!!!!!
I  think it was a Birthday hello from my dear grandmother;)

I had to sneak up to my studio for a few moments to write and catch up!

I have missed you all! Posts...Facebook....and generally everything was on hold this week due to a horrible migraine that I had for 5 days....yuck.'s GONE now!!!! And my Birthday festivity filled month can begin...a week late....but since today is the actual day of my birth, it is all good!!!!

I plan on sharing lots of cake-y illustrated recipes AND I have a new event to tell you about!

Friday November 22nd I will be at Barnes&Noble's "Discovery Day", I will be at the Arena Hub Plaza location in Wilkes-Barre, PA at 6pm to sign and read my newest book "The Boy, the Fox and the Brontosaurus starring in SNOW" it is the first in a new series and  my youngest
 son,  Mr. M.,  thought of the title:)

Cover of my new book!!!!

I hear my boys preparing for some gifting and the smell of cake is in the I will leave you with one of my favorite cakes...Banana Cake....bake it and share a virtual piece of cake with me today on my 47th BIRTHDAY!!!! I just really love Birthdays, don't you?!


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  1. How in the name of heaven
    Did my young friend Angie
    Get to be forty-seven???
    Happy Birthday dear sparkly girl.